Media Services

Web captioning

The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act requires that programs shown on television with captioning, include the captioning when they are re-shown on the Internet. That includes such platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. We can export captioning files to accommodate this requirement.

We can also caption and export files for various web videos, such as, QuickTime, WMV, RealPlayer, Flash, Google Videos, and more.  Please call us to discuss the details, as there may be specific file specs that we need to receive in order to accommodate your project.  Let us know what you need and we will export the file accordingly.

Digital Files for Broadcast

SD files embedded with closed captions

There may be times when your SD digital video will need to have captions embedded in them.  For example, we can caption MPEG-2, QT, DV, DVC Pro or .mov files, when needed.  You would send a high-resolution file with a DV codec to us (external hard drive, FTP site, thumb drive, etc) and we would caption the digital video accordingly.  Actually, you can take a captioned video file (DV, DVC Pro) and firewire it and record the captioned video to a DVCam or DVC Pro deck.  The CC will remain.

HD files embedded with closed captions

MPEG – 2 files

Many times you’ll need files will sent to TV stations' server for broadcast.  For your convenience, we can receive a high-resolution mpeg2 Program Stream uploaded to our FTP site or sent in on a hard drive, depending on the size of the video. We will then embed the captions and return it back to you.

Panasonic DVCPro HD

As with MPEG-2 files, we can offer caption services for DVCPro HD files (.mov for QuickTime.)  These files can be used on Omneon servers that have the DV100 port.  We would receive a high-resolution file uploaded to FTP site or send in on an external hard drive.  We can export captions directly to the HD video and return it captioned.


XDCAM HD MXF and .MOV files can be generated by the Sony XDCAM HD deck and through a non-linear editing system like Avid or Final Cut Pro with the free Sony Transfer tool.  Captions and Subtitle Services can export an MXF file, containing the original video and up to 8 channels of audio data unchanged (no recompression), plus the closed captions. This file can then be copied to an XDCAM disc, or to other systems which support Sony XDCAM MXF and .MOV files with closed captions (e.g. Seachange, Omneon, Harris Nexio etc.).

DVD Files

Captioning for DVD projects

We start out with the caption file that has been prepared as a pop-on style captions.  The caption file exported for DVD is either going to be an .scc or .cc file for your DVD authoring system.  The .scc or .cc file is a hexidecimal file and basically looks like ‘code’.  Some DVD authoring systems may require a text-formatted file with time code in and out values.  We can offset the TC to reflect an 01: or :00 start time to accommodate your timeline.  The caption file would be used in the DVD authoring process and the DVD master would be captioned.  Keep in mind the captions on a DVD are turned on and off via a TV remote as they are for a TV program.

Subtitles for DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring systems

After downloading your video, we produce a subtitle file.  Depending on what DVD/Blu-Ray authoring system you are using, we will export a file to accommodate that system.  For example, we can export for various systems that include DVD Studio Pro, Daiken Scenarist, Adobe Encore, Blu-Ray XML/PNG, and more.  Let us know what you need and we’ll export accordingly.

Encoding to tape?

SD video tape formats

After the caption file is prepared by our highly skilled captionists, we can encode the caption signal onto a video master through our caption encoder. We will need to confirm what format is needed.  For example, is the format BCSP, DVCam, Digibeta, mini DV, etc.? This process involves you sending us a video source, which can be on a video master or high resolution digital file, if no video master is available.

Basically, the encoding process is very similar to a duplication process in that the original video goes through a caption encoder and is merged with the caption signal and this captioned signal gets recorded onto line 21 of the vertical interval of the new video master. This process involves an encoding process, tape stock and shipping costs. 

HD video tape formats

Captions and Subtitle Services can offer caption services for HD video tape formats.  All you need to do is send us your HD video tape master and we’ll produce the caption file and encode an HD video master as requested. Also, note that there will be a charge for HD tape stock.  Please call to confirm details and discuss the logistics of your project.  In addition, if you don’t have the required HD VTR tape machine send us your HD QuickTime files and we can print them to tape for you with captions.

Captioning for NLE systems HD and SD

Obviously, without an encoding fee, tape stock or shipping costs this process is much more cost-effective and efficient for your project.  For your convenience, we would receive a proxy video (320 x 280 w/ H.264 for SD, 640x360 for HD) uploaded to our FTP site.  The timing and placement of the caption file is referenced from this digital file. We can export the caption file (as opposed to encoding it to video tape) into a format that is compatible with your non-linear editing systems, choosing specific codecs accordingly.  This allows you to be able to ‘drop in’ the exported caption file into your edit system so when you lay to tape through a break-out box or video card, viola, the tape already has captions embedded on line 21 of the vertical interval or line 9 VANC for HD. You'll have a first generation master captioned. This saves time and money since there is no encoding fee, tape stock, shipping fees and you can control the turnaround time and quality. 

Our services includes exporting files that will allow you to encode and decode SD/HD captions to and from HD and SD decks using Matrox MX02 and HD-SDI, SDI, and/or analog connections.  The Final Cut Pro 7 can export 608/708 captions along with an AJA Kona (3, LHi, LHe, LSe) and IO HD cards as well as the Blackmagic DeckLink (HD Extreme 3, DeckLink Studio, DeckLink Studio 2, DeckLink SDI and DeckLink Optical Fiber) cards.

Captions and Subtitle Services can offer a AAF file that contains HD CC formatted for the AVID Media Composer 5.0 and is small enough to email to your editors.  Simply drop this CC file in the data track (D Track).  When you play the sequence out through the Avid Mojo DX or Nitris DX hardware or export a MXF file from the Media Composer, the output will contain the CC.  This workflow eliminates the need for an external caption encoder that can run $8,000 - $10,000.  Saves time and money.